"Every organization

  is only as strong 

as it's weakest link"

"You can't do what you don't know...

and often times, you don't know, 

what you don't know

 ...that's where we can help 

  • These points alone inform us, why training is vital for individual success and organizational survival.
  •  Job satisfaction comes from feeling successful  - and  increased productivity tends to be a natural consequence of feeling successful
  • Understanding an issue not just at the surface level, but really knowing and understanding it at a much deeper level, enables individuals to affect change
  • A greater depth of knowledge through training allows                    individual to use their skills with confidence, train others, and to resolve issues management may not otherwise  become aware of
  •  When individuals feel confident about what they know, the likelihood of  task completion with a high degree of quality is more likely
  •  This in turn, allows others to have confidence in the individuals work and reduces the load on providers and management

  • Most importantly, it reduces costs over the long-term, for both the individual and organization 








Training  offered


  • Integrated Behavioral Health Model in Primary Care
  • Behavior Health Clinicians in Primary Care
  • Trauma-informed approach to patient care
  • Patient-centered approach to patient care
  • Family-centered approach to patient care
  • Front office communication with patients
  • Telephone communication with patients​​​

Professionals & College Students 

  • Master's level college students
  • LCSW's /LPC's

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 Cost of training is dependent on

the unique needs of the individual,

 clinic or organization