Request A Speaker 

Are you looking for a speaker to set the tone and framework at your upcoming event, or are you looking to highlight or emphasize a specific topic?

Specific Topics:

  1. Behavioral Health Integration
  2. Behavioral Health Integration beyond the organization
  3. Trauma-informed Care Approach
  4. Cultural & Linguistic Sensitivity
  5. Parenting 
  6. ADHD 
  7. Trauma 
  8. Family-centred approach
  9. Working with families and difficult clients
  10. Children & Adolescent's in Foster Care
  11. Building connections with individuals and families that last
  12. The basics organizational needs when working with families 
  13. Systems change within organizations
  14. Staff-centered approach towards building a strong organization

Here is a list of some of the topics I cover, but please give me a call, if you have something more specific in mind Tel: (336) 355-1120

  1. Moving towards Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care Settings
  2. Moving towards Behavioral Health Integration in a Community Organization Setting 
  3. Reverse Engineering  Behavioral Health Integration in a Behavioral Health Setting 
  4. What is Behavioral Health Integration & Why do I need to know about about?
  5. The new wave and approach to interacting with patients and clients - why imagination and curiosity are the two most important skills staff need to have
  6. Why organizations need to rethink their operational models when  dealing with people
  7. The behavior behind the behavior - Trauma-informed Care
  8. Working with children and adolescents - What we need to know, and why it matters?
  9. The systems and structures supporting the platform of true integration
  10. Why women matter and how we can support them?
  11. Silos, Gaps, and systems that keep individuals from reaching the care they need