The ProblemS

  • Top 10% of healthcare utilizers consume 33% of outpatient services 
  • The average visit has 3 concerns per visit 
  • 70% of all PC visits have a psychosocial  trigger 
  • Poor adherence in patients with chronic diagnosis 

  • Current provider capacity is bound to the management of Behavioral Health conditions
  • ​Practices are not geared up for coming changes in insurance payment models 
  • Most practices do not focus on prevention or monitor outcomes correctly
  • Most practices do not have an ability to prove effectiveness for payment
  • ​  Highly skilled providers are not working at their level of expertise where they can be most effective resulting in low job satisfaction and disenchantment

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The Solutions

  • Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care
  • Trauma-informed approach to care
  • Population-based approach to chronic illness and prevention
  • Patient-Centered Approach
  • Family Centered Approach
  • Cross-training all staff for a unified approach
  • ​Moving from a top-down approach to a team-based approach that will free up and support the Medical Provider
  • Allowing Medical Provider to focus on work at their             skill level​